Two Cool Data Sets

I like playing with data, and it is even more fun when the data is about something fun or a little funky. Here are two examples.

Belly Button Biodiversity

Hilary Mason had this in her research quality data sets bitly bucket. It is data from a study on the ecosystem of the human belly button. This group asked 500 people to swab their belly buttons, and then looked at what was living in their. Ew. However, the surprising thing is that they found 2300 different species of organisms living in belly buttons, and some of them had never been seen before! How is that even possible?

Thanks Hilary, for pointing this one out.

UFO Sightings

This one is data from infochimps. It covers 60,000+ UFO sighting reports. The text is a little challenging, because some of the formatting is irregular, but that is how real data is (messy).

Do you have any data sets with a bit of cool funkiness to them?