John’s Biography

Professional Background


April 2020 – Present

As a Technical Consultant at Spatial Business Systems, I help architect and write software for utility design systems, particularly engineering functionality of these systems. Recent work has included lightning protection visualization for substations and creation of boundary value hierarchies to increase performance of clearance checking within three-dimensional, digital models of substations.


October 2016 – February 2020

As Senior Engineering Manager at Blackboard, I led a team of Software  Engineers and Software Engineers in Test building test frameworks for automating the testing of Blackboard’s flagship product, Learn. This work  was done using Java based tools within the Amazon cloud ecosystem.

Additionally, I led the DevOps Steering Group, which drove companywide adoption of DevOps tools and processes. Also, while in this role, I  served as Interim Senior Director of Engineering Productivity.

As Staff Technical Product Owner, I guided all scope decisions from a business standpoint for several highly technical teams, which implemented an advanced CI/CD pipeline for microservice delivery on AWS and Kubernetes tooling, and implemented Site Reliability Engineering tooling and practices. In addition, while in this role, I coached the Shared Services Leadership Team on Decision Science, helping to define the usage of metrics and data visualization, as well as assisting with initial investigations of SAFe and other Enterprise Agile Frameworks .

Technology & Process:

SCRUM, SCRUM of SCRUMS, DevOps, Site Reliability Engineering, CI/CD, AWS Lambda, AWS Kinesis, AWS RDS (Postgresql), AWS S3, AWS DynamoDB, AWS EC2, AWS, Route53, AWS EKS (Investigated), AWS Transit VPC, AWS DirectConnect, AWS security tools, LocalStack, Kubernetes, Minikube, Prometheus Stack, Helm, Java, R, Python, Chartio, RESTful API, Docker Containers, JSON, Java, Selenium, JUnit, RESTful API, Docker Containers, JSON

Senior (Staff) Software Engineer / Survox

July 2014 – October 2016

As Senior (Staff) Software Engineer, I was a primary contributor to the re-architecture and re-implementation of Survox’s flagship product from a monolithic program written in C, to a cloud-native system utilizing containerized microservices written in Python and utilizing AWS tooling. Also, I led the redefinition of the product from a UX design perspective.

Technology & Process:

SCRUM, CI/CD, DevOps, AWS Lambda, AWS Kinesis, AWS EC2, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, AWS S3, AWS Route53, AWS RDS (Postgresql), Python, Docker, Microservice Architecture, RESTful API, Docker Containers, JSON, DevOps Principles, Tools & Processes

CEO & Founder / Spatial Network Solutions

As CEO and Founder of SNS, I wore many hats, including leading many of the company’s contracted, technical implementations.

Technology Process:

SCRUM, Requirements Analysis, C#, AWS EC2, AWS RDS (Postgresql), Oracle, SQL, Python, R, Artificial Neural Networks, RESTful API, Docker Containers, JSON, XML/XSLT, Autodesk Map, ARX

Senior Software Engineer & UX/UI Design Manager / Autodesk

January 2001 – April 2004

As a Senior Software Engineer at Autodesk, I led two major projects. In these projects I served as both technical lead and project manager. At one point, the team I led had 21 team members and considerable change management challenges. Thanks to a great team, both projects were accomplished within schedule and with very high quality.

As UX/UI Design Manager, I managed a team of five designers for the Autodesk Map product. Additionally, I led the GIS matrix organization for the entire GIS division.

Technology & Process:

Contextual Task Analysis, C++, C#, Autodesk Map, ARX, Oracle, MS Access, MS Visual Studio, Electric Utility Design Engineering.