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Works in Progress – 4/13/21

These are the projects that I am actually working on. Sometimes there is a long pause on a given project, but they are in-progress, not just in the project queue. I hope to add pictures of the current state, as well as project journal entries, for each.

Ethel & Robert

This is a watercolor painting that I am making from a drawing that I did, last summer. The original photograph was taken by my wife, after lunch that we had with the family. This one is getting pretty close to complete.

My mother-in-law, Ethel, with my son, Robert. (Watercolor, 17″ x 11″)

Harvey, Ross & Trae

I started this oil painting over a year ago, and have been working on it off and on, since. Right now, I am doing some quick studies in order to better understand some changes that I want to make to this painting, so, until those are done, I will not be able to make progress on this one.


My sister-in-law asked me to paint a picture of my niece. I started this oil painting a while ago. My intention is style it after the work of Renoir.

The photograph was taken by my wife, Tonya, back when Nicole was a small child.

Uncle Bill & Aunt Mary

This will be an oil painting of my aunt and uncle created from a photograph taken by my sister, Mary. I started doing the initial drawing of this a couple months ago, but still have quite a bit to go on this drawing, before I start painting.

My Aunt Mary and Uncle Bill Camling.
(Graphite on paper, 24″ x 18″; Eventually, Oil on Linen)


This will be a watercolor picture of chickens from the farm that we lived on a few years ago. The photograph was taken by my wife (she is a great photographer), and the chickens were also hers. I am doing an initial drawing for some small, color studies for this, right now. You can still see some construction lines in this drawing. Eventually, I will do a full-size drawing for an 17″ x 11″ watercolor painting.

Tonya’s chickens. (Eventually, watercolor, 17″ x 11″)